Drupal's update.php script redirecting to homepage and not updating

While upgrading a couple of different Drupal (5.x) sites, I ran into an annoying issue where the update.php script just redirected to the sites homepage after the "Select Version" page. The server in question has PHP's mod_security enabled which has caused some problems with other sites in the past, so I think it's related to that, but I'm not totally sure.

Any way, the fix is to add the following line of code to your update.php script before line 794

if ($_POST['op']) $_REQUEST['op'] = $_POST['op'];

The finished product should look something like:

update_fix_schema_version(); update_fix_watchdog_115(); update_fix_watchdog(); update_fix_sessions(); //start new code if ($_POST['op']) $_REQUEST['op'] = $_POST['op']; //end new code $op = isset($_REQUEST['op']) ? $_REQUEST['op'] : ''; switch ($op) { case 'Update': $output = update_update_page(); break;

Have you had the same problem? Do you know what is causing it? Did the above code work for you?


i'm having this issue in cherokee and drupal 6.16, but your solution didn't solve the problem :-(

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