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Google has just announced for Google Apps. This is something that I'm really excited about because we use as our CRM system and we also work with several large enterprise clients to integrate their web marketing with their CRM system. Since migrating all my email, calendar and documents over to Google Apps in the last two months I've looked for a way to attach gmail emails to Salesforce contacts but there was only talk about it on the SFDC feature requests boards. I guess they were keeping this one quite until today.

Here's a quick look at how each of the main Google Apps applications will integrate with

Now I'll just need to keep an eye on the module for Drupal so we can integrate Drupal applications into as well.


Agaric is putting some work into the Salesforce module for a client.

Care to share your thoughts on what the module should do, in particular with regards to this Google Apps Salesforce integration?

There's a possible features and plans thread on g.d.o.


benjamin, Agaric Design Collective

Hi Benjamin, thanks for the comment.

Jeez, where to start. I guess one of the biggest things that I would like in the Salesforce module is to have the ability to create forms (with a similar interface to the webform module - but using SFDC fields) to be able to easily create registration forms would be a massive thing for some of our clients (in particular an events company that handles 90% of event registrations through web2lead forms).

I will have a look at the Enterprise CRM group and see if theres anything that I can add.

Yes, this is an exciting time.

The roadmap for the Salesforce module is as follows:

Shortly, I will release the 5.x stable version with two changes from the legacy version:

1. Option to use nodeprofile instead of core profile to store lead/contact info.

2. Option to have Drupal user lead to contact conversions automatic upon login.

Then, for Drupal 6, a complete redesign is in the works based on use cases in the ERM discussion group Benjamin mentions (he and I spoke about it recently). Among the items is some kind of facility to afford flexibility in mapping Salesforce fields, Drupal mirroring and persistence of those fields, and forms in Drupal.

People are very slow in getting their use cases to me, this should be done by raising a feature request in the issue queue.



Victor Kane

That's a smart partnership. Google gets more corporate clients and Salesforce gets more recognition and a tight relationship with Google that other CRMs can't boast.

Is Salesforce any good?

Hey Rob, thanks for the comment.

Yes, is very good. I often complain that it's bloated and slow, but it is so powerful and flexible that I am always impressed at what it can do.

The catch is that if its not setup and used properly, it is just a glorified contact management system, which Google Apps (and services like Plaxo) all do brilliantly (and are very cheap). The real power is in the reporting, forecasting and workflow (and AppExchange apps).

Indeed, the approach we took was to make it possible to map Webform fields to Salesforce object fields!

That's working, I'll share the code with anyone, and Victor and I have to finally reconnect and talk about getting it into CVS.

One thing all of you need to do though: tell Salesforce to open their API to "Partner" level clients, not just "Enterprise." We feel really simple having made this great, free module that will cost usually hundreds of dollars a month to use.

Log into the Salesforce Idea Exchange to promote more access to the API.

Contact us if you have better ideas about making Salesforce see the light or just want to be kept in the loop.

benjamin, Agaric Design Collective

I am working on a google application and i am using google api's but facing problem to handle XML in detail any one have idea abot that. Actually i am looking for a google data retrival application

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