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[VIDEO] How to use the Menu Attributes module for Drupal 6


I just recorded this video showing how to use the Menu Attributes module for Drupal 6. I'm still getting used to recording so please excuse flawed delivery :)

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Upgrading to Drupal 6 and a new blog design


Over the weekend I upgrade this blog to Drupal 6 so I could take advantage of all the advancements that have been made in Drupal core and some modules that only have releases for 6.x. While doing the upgrade, I also decided that I'd create a new theme because I'd never really liked the old one.

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Taking another look at the image module


Image handling in Drupal is a hot topic. Most users agree that there should be a solution in core but there are so many different cases that it’s unlikely that one general solution is going to cut it. I’m not here to debate one way or another because I’ve built sites using Imagefield + Imagecache and others using just IMCE and TinyMCE, but one module that I haven’t explored for a very long time is the Image module.

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Introducing the Menu Attributes module


Over the Christmas break I decided that I’d had enough of hard coding theme functions to add attributes to specific menu items in Drupal, so I finally took the time to write a module that would do the heavy lifting. The outcome is the Menu Attributes module.

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Using the Ubiquity Firefox extension to create Drupal nodes


The Ubiquity extension for Firefox is an awesome tool that allows you to download user created mashups to do some really cool things in your browser. The video below shows the power of what it can do.

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EA using Drupal on Battlefield-Heroes.com


I was just having a look around the Battlefield Heroes website and noticed a familiar footprint in some of the elements that give away almost all Drupal sites. It’s great to see EA using Drupal for one of their official game sites.

They have linked the Drupal user module into the main EA account system, but after creating an account it returns you to the familiar /user/<uid> page.

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Drupal's update.php script redirecting to homepage and not updating


While upgrading a couple of different Drupal (5.x) sites, I ran into an annoying issue where the update.php script just redirected to the sites homepage after the "Select Version" page. The server in question has PHP's mod_security enabled which has caused some problems with other sites in the past, so I think it's related to that, but I'm not totally sure.

Any way, the fix is to add the following line of code to your update.php script before line 794

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How to track Drupal comments as goals in Google Analytics


I was inspired by this episode of SEOMoz's whiteboard friday where Rand talks about tracking non-traditional conversions (like when someone posts a comment on your blog) so I decided to check out how easy this was to do in Drupal.

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Salesforce.com for Google Apps


Google has just announced Salesforce.com for Google Apps. This is something that I'm really excited about because we use Salesforce.com as our CRM system and we also work with several large enterprise clients to integrate their web marketing with their Salesforce.com CRM system.

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Using the TinyMCE template plugin in Drupal


On my RC news blog there are quite a few elements that are used on a regular basis in news posts (eg specifications tables, etc). It's a major pain in the ass recreating these elements again and again, and now that I've got a few other writers on board, it's getting hard to keep everything consistent.

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